Plan B

There is an easy solution for overpopulation and, more specifically, fostercare count: birth education. By "easy solution", I am not guaranteeing that this will be the solution for everything in the world; that is impossible. What I mean is sex education is not foolproof. There will always be "accidents". The only way to stop these "accidents" is to stop having sex altogether. Anyone who is not asexual will not take kindly to that notion. This is why there should be a Plan B for this in the case that sex education classes have failed.

Customer Support

In response to the issue of bad customer support, the T-Mobile commercial, “Rainn Wilson Calls Customer Service” created by commercial agency Publicis Kaplan Thaler, tries to convince the audience to switch to T-Mobile by advertising their excellent customer support. By using many strategic commercial moves, the commercial (and all variations of it) is effective and memorable. Empathy in the audience will use the frustration of these inconveniences to motivate them to get T-Mobile service. By using all of these techniques, T-Mobile commercial, “Rainn Wilson Calls Customer Service”, effectively sells its message through empathetic humor.

Blind and Wise

To be blind is to be wise because you are not blinded by the illusions of the world around you. The irony in Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” is that a blind man sees more than anyone. “Cathedral” presents its themes by illustrating many scenes which contain very important meaning. A large theme represented in “Cathedral” is the idea that insight is quickly developed when you are not blinded by the eyesight which distracts you with fear and detachment.